Clark Little is an amazing photographer. He takes photos of waves, sunsets, and other things of nature that he finds near his home in Hawaii.
This is one of his most famous pictures. The way he took it makes one feel almost as if they are in the middle of the wave as it crashes upon them.
This picture is just really majestic. It's cool how the wave formed this intricate shape.
I don't even know how he managed to snap a picture like this. The sunset reflects of the wave in such a way that in appears to be rainbow-colored.
Everyone loves a peaceful sunset. This picture calms me and makes me yearn for a serene walk on the beach.
Clark Little also loves to take pictures of other aspects of nature.
Clark captures this picture from inside a crashing wave. The palm trees appear distorted but is amazing nonetheless.
Another instance of nature is shown here. Turtles are very interesting creatures and he snaps a well timed picture.
Clark Little's designs are also used for apparel and other accessories.
Personally, I love surfboarding. Here is one of Clark's pictures of someone surfboarding with an amazing background.
Most people use phone cases. This is an easy way to show off a cool design for many people to see.
I don't even like hats and I would wear one of these. They come in many different designs and really show the artist's creativity.
Another piece of apparel that Clark designs are shirts. It is a fairly simple design with just a picture and a brand.