Garrett's Pictures
X-Wings Rebel Alliance X-wing and Y-wing class starships approach the Death Star. They are equipped with laser cannons and proton torpedos.
Republic Fighters Jedi masters Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi are sent on a rescue mission to save Chancellor Palpatine in their ETA-2 starfighters. They lead a squadron of ARC-170 fighters over Coruscant.
Star Destroyers Lambda-class shuttles often require a TIE Fighter escort. In the background, a fleet of Imperial-I Star Destroyers loom over a planet.
N-1 The Nubian N-1 starfighter is an elegant and nimble ship in the service of the Naboo. They are armed with torpedos and twin laser cannons and require an astromech droid.
AT-AT General Maximilian Veers leads a group of Imperial AT-AT's on Hoth. Their superior firepower and armor decimate Echo Base.
Droideka A Q-series Droideka fires on Jedi forces on Geonosis. Also known as destroyers, Droidekas are infamous Jedi-killers.
Sandcrawler Jawas use the colossal sandcrawler as their primary mode of transportation. Sandcrawlers are designed to climb any terrain and can carry a large load of parts, droids, and supplies.
SPHA's The SPHA walker is an important part of the Grand Army of the Republic. They provide long range fire support with powerful energy beams.