Facebook Notifications
Facebook is one of the older social media sites/ apps which is still used by many people today. It is much like Instagram, where users have accounts or profiles, and post pictures to receive likes and comments. Facebook is slightly more complex, although, because in addition to picture and videos, users can post status updates and post preferences for just about anything including things like music and movies. Unfortunately, Facebook is infested with ads and can often get quite annoying. Many games can be linked to Facebook and some games even require a Facebook ID. Out of all social media apps, Facebook has easily made the most money much into the hundred millions at least. Facebook is geared toward all ages unlike Instagram, which is mostly used by youths. Many job employers look at potential employees’ Facebook pages before considering job offers because a person’s Facebook page will often say a lot about that individual. Always be careful what you post to social media because it can be seen by everyone and it never really goes away. Even with private accounts, hackers can almost always find a way to get what they want so don’t let yourself be the victim!