Snap Chat
Snap Discover
Snap Chat is one of the most popular social media apps among kids right now. This app features the use of pictures that the user takes, and then gives the possibility of adding text or drawings. After this is complete, users can then send this edited picture to friends or post on their story. Snap chats sent to friends last anywhere from 1-10 seconds and snap chats on a story last for a full 24 hours. As a twist, all snap chats can be screen-shotted during the allotted time. In addition, Snap Chat also offers services like messaging, Snap Cash, which allows users to send money to other users, and a Discover menu. In Discover, the user can view recent news and short clips from certain sites like Comedy Central and Cosmopolitan. Snap Chat is becoming more and more advanced with every update and more fun to use. As of now, it remains ad-free unlike many apps which increases user desirability. It is a simple idea taken to a new level and is becoming more and more popular as it remains in the top ten apps on the iTunes app store. I love Snap Chat and I enjoy using it a lot.