Twitter is another popular social media site. It is much like Instagram and Facebook. Twitter is geared more toward text, as opposed to pictures or videos. It can, although, support both pictures and videos. Twitter has many ads paid for by sponsors throughout its feed. The most used aspect of Twitter is an action where the user can send up to a 140 character “tweet.” Hashtags are very popular on Twitter and allow users to easily search for people with similar interests and also allows them to stay updated on the newest trends. Unlike many other social media surfaces, Twitter shows on a profile picture whether or not that users follows you. This is unique because it is not provided on Instagram or Snap Chat. Personally, I don’t like this feature because it makes it harder to gain followers when someone knows whether or not you follow them. Just like in Instagram, users can direct message, or DM, other users that they follow. It includes but is not limited to text and images. Just as in Tweets, these messages are also limited to 140 characters. An easy fix to this problem is just sending multiple messages. And just like many other social media websites, users that you choose can be blocked from viewing your tweets.