Club Calves
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Show cattle lined up
The Club Calf Industry is a popular tradition that has been around for many generations. The industry's trends have changed over the years dramatically and today, the industry is not the same as it was 30 years ago. But even throughout all the different trends, it still has the same aspect of raising a steer that when slaughtered, will produced the highest quality carcass. Contrary to what many would think, in order to be succesful, much hard work and dedication is required outside of just feeding and and being able to handle the calf with a halter him. One might think that because it is a "market show", that managing what is underneath the skin is the only thing that is important. Although the correct feeding and managing of the steers health is very important, the hair of a calf can make or break him (regarding hair shows rather than slick.)
Many might also have the question "why spend so much money and work so hard if youre not insured to win?" My answer to this question is that the benefits from showing calves or any livestock animal, go much farther than the material outcome.