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Luke and Sophia

Sparks' wrote the book in 2013 and the movie was released in Brazil on April 30, 2015. As Sparks' says in his website,, he was struggling to find something to write about until he learned about Black Mountain College. In the 25 years that the college was in operation - which happened to be during World War II - it became an American art scene. While he was studying Black Mountain College Ira's character soon developed and from there he created Ruth and Ira's love story which leads to Luke and Sophia's new found love. This love story is definitely one to be familiar with whether you read the book or watch the movie (keep in mind that the book is always better). In this case, the book is better than the movie because Sparks was able to expand on different moments and create a feeling for the reader that a movie simply cannot capture.

The Longest Ride is one of Nicholas Sparks' recent movies about a former bull-riding champion (Luke Collins) who falls in love with a college student (Sophia) but the two do not have the same life paths in mind. Their love story is intertwined with Ruth and Ira Levinson when Sophia and Luke unexpectedly cross paths with Ira. Through this incredible romantic love story, Sparks "explores the challenges and infinite rewards of enduring love (Sparks)."

The Longest Ride