The government recommended amount of

exercise per day is an hour or more per day.

That time is only concerning aerobic exercise.

Stretching after aerobics is important.
In order to maintain a healthy weight you

should focus on muscle building and aerobic exercise.

Varying your exercise routine

throughout the week is very important.

However; it is important to have rest days to allow your body to rest.

If your body burns out from not having any rest, that is when injuries occur.

With out exercise it is impossible to stay in a healthy state.

During aerobic exercise the heart rate picks up and the metabolism peaks.

During cardio exercise you should not be able to have a conversation.

If you are able to speak through your exercise the intensity should be kicked up a notch.

Aerobic exercise should be accompanied with muscle building.

While muscle building having a consistent intake of protein is important.

Lactic acid burns your muscles while exercising. This burn causes soreness.

Eating proteins help restore and build these damaged muscles.

An exercise routine should become harder and harder as your body gets stronger.

Adjusting your diet while exercising hard every day is important.

Your body needs enough energy in order to work.