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One will probably wonder, how in the world did Tim Tebow stay stong and persevere until he had a spot on a professional sports team? Well, the simple answer is his faith in Jesus Christ. Tim Tebow was raised in a Christian family and has been a devout believer his entire life. His firm foundation in Jesus Christ is something that has kept him going since day 1. His favorite way to demonstrate his faith through his college career was by writing Bible verses on his eye black, but this later became illegal by the NCAA for no good reason. After he made it to the NFL, he invented "Tebowing," which is where you kneeling down on one knee and put your head on your fist (shown in the picture above). This was originally started by Tebow because this was his pre-game ritual stance when he prayed, but the fans turned it into a new trend.
Tebow knew how much people look up to him and his faith, and this helped motivate him to keep his faith strong. He even wrote a book called, "Shaken", which described his time being "shaken" , as he was struggling to get onto an NFL roster and couldn't find his way in life. The book talks all about the pain he went through and hope he coped with his idssapointment, sadness, and defeat. Tebow is the strongest Christian figure that I have ever personally seen.