Plays of Oscar Wilde

The Importance of Being Earnest

Wilde's most famous and popular play. It is about a man named Jack Worthington that lives in Hertfordshire. He pretends to have a brother named Earnest that he blames things on, but he also uses "Earnest" as an excuse to get away for a while, saying that Earnest is ill and Jack needs to take care of him and things like that. Jack's best friend Algernon suspects something fishy going on so he starts to investigate. Jack is in love with Algernon's cousin, so he proposes to her. The cousin, Gwendolen, knows Jack as "Earnest" and has fallen in love with this "Earnest". Since the cousin will only marry a man named "Earnest", Jack makes up a story about Earnest dying. Algernon is in love with a woman named Lady Bracknell, and the story ends with both couples ending up happily ever after.


A Florentine Tragedy

A Florentine Tragedy is a is a play about the wife of a wealthy man falling in love with the heir to the throne of Florence, who is named Guido. Guido goes to the house of the wealthy man so that he can take the wife for himself, he tries to pay off the wealthy man for his wife. The man would rather have his wife than the money so a fight ensues.

Lady Windmere's Fan

Lady Windmere's Fan is about a woman named Lady Windmere that is worried about her husband having an affair. She asks her husband about it, but of course, he denies it. But he invites a woman named Mrs Erlynne to his wife's birthday party. Lady Windmere leaves her husband because of his unfaithfulness, Mrs. Erlynne feels bad about the wife leaving, so she tries to convince the wife to come back. The ending has a twist that nobody sees coming!

Ireland Travel Kit

An Ideal Husband

An Ideal Husband starts off at a fancy dinner party in London. The main characters are Sir Robert Chiltern, Robert's wife Lady Chiltern, Robert's sister Mabel, and Robert's friend Lord Arthur Goring. A woman named Mrs. Chevely shows up at the party, she used to be the enemy of Lady Chiltern in their school days and she is the ex-fiancée of Arthur Goring. She is trying to blackmail Robert into sponsoring a canal in Argentina. Chevely threatens to tell the whole world about the real way Sir Robert got his money, which was through an illegal stock market, so Sir Robert has to work with her to keep his secret. Chevely is trying to win back Lord Arthur Goring throughout the whole story.