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This website is a sample of Rumi's work, along with information on his religion and background. Rumi truly is one of the most influencial Middle Easterners to have ever lived. The ripple effect caused by his life can still be felt today. The joy and pure love he shared with this world can never be forgotten.

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Rumi's Background

"Rumi was born in Wakhsh (Tajikistan) under the administration of Balkh in 30 September 1207 to a family of theologians. Escaping the Mongol invasion and destruction, Rumi and his family traveled in the Muslim lands, performed pilgrimage to Mecca and finally settled in Konya, Anatolia, then part of the Seljuk Empire. When his father Bahaduddin Valad passed away, Rumi succeeded his father in 1231 as professor in religious sciences. Rumi 24 years old, was an already accomplished scholar in religious and positive sciences."