Groundstrokes are the shots in the game of tennis that people are most known for, if you have a good forehand or backhand, most people see it. Groundstrokes are usually the next shot that is hit right after the serve. Groundstrokes are split into two categories, forehands and backhands. Forehands are usually learned first because backhands are a little harder to get used to. I will split up the two categories below so we can focus on the forehand and backhand separately. In this section we will focus on only the forehand. The forehand is a shot usually only done with one hand, the dominant hand, which is in my case my right hand. Once again, as well as with the serve, one needs to determine what grip they like to use, depending on which is most consistent and comfortable. Next, you need to know a few things about the motion. First, you will need to go in a sort of circular motion to get spin on the ball to allow it to make it into the court easier. Next, you always want to start low and end high, shown in this picture. For a backhand, usually people use two hands, but some use one hand, it really is just a matter of preference. The swing mechanics for the forehand still apply for the backhand, just with a twist of your body and a different grip.
serve technique
serve technique
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