Serving is one of the most important shots in tennis, every point starts out with a serve. In a sense, a good server is a good player, and vice versa. A lot of points as one gets higher in experience relies on the player's serve. To serve, there are a few different components that are important. First, you must understand the basic motion by observing other players. Second, you must determine what kind of serve would suit you and your playing style best, whether it is a spin serve, flat serve, or a kick serve. Third, after watching players serve, and determining what serve is best for you, it is time for you to get out and practice. Serve mechanics aren't too complex, but are hard to get used to. To serve, one needs to first get the toss right. Getting the toss right will open up opportunities to do varieties of different serves. After the toss, the grip of the racquet is necessary. In my opinion, whenever I grab the racquet, I like to have my racket at about a 30 degree angle to the left. Next is the movement of different joints and muscles. The picture shown will demonstrate how to serve successfully with a lot of practice. Now you know how to serve.
serve technique

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The incentive of this webpage is to teach younger or beginner players the basic style of play in tennis. I want to be able to reach newer players and help them develop their game and play style faster than normal websites that go at a slow pace.