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Volleying is one of the least used shots in the game, although it is very important to know how to volley. There are people that are known as "Serve and Volley" players that like to rush to the net after they serve in order to win a point quickly. A volley is whenever the player hits a shot wherever on the court and rushes up to the net to hit the ball without it bouncing on your side first. Doing this will end a point very quickly, usually winning although as long as you know how to volley. First, to start the volley, you need to hit what is called an "approach shot" which is a shot that is hard for your opponent to get to or hit so you have time to get into position and get him to make a mistake. The mechanics of the volley is pretty simple. For a forehand (dominant hand) you should bend your arm at about a 45 degree angle, and always having the racquet face into the opponents side of the court. Make sure to follow through with the swing too, don't just stop as soon as you hit the ball. The form for background will also be shown to the side as well.
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The incentive of this webpage is to teach younger or beginner players the basic style of play in tennis. I want to be able to reach newer players and help them develop their game and play style faster than normal websites that go at a slow pace.