Point Guard

  • Ball handling
  • Speed, to control the tempo
  • Quickness, to effectively use the pick and roll
  • Perimeter-mid shooting, to have a threatening pull up jump shot
  • Passing, to create opportunities for teammates
  • Slashing, to suck the defense into the middle
  • Perimeter defense, to guard other point guards
  • Leadership, to run plays and control tempo


Shooting Guard

  • Ball handling, to help the point guard
  • Speed
  • Quickness
  • Perimeter-mid shooting, to be a solid shooting threat
  • Slashing, to keep the defense honest and to open up his shot
  • Perimeter defense


Small Forward

  • Basic ball handling
  • Basic post moves
  • All around defense, to guard the opposing team's best all around player
  • All around shooting, to be a threat from the inside and outside
  • Slashing, to open up the shot for guards in the corners
  • Rebounding


Power Forward

  • Post Moves
  • Strength, to box out and get positioning when on defense and when asking for the ball in the post
  • Inside defense, to guard the opposing team's post players
  • Mid-inside shooting
  • Rebounding



  • Rebounding, because the center spends most of his time in and around the paint
  • Post moves
  • Inside defense, blocking and contesting the opposing post's shots
  • Rebounding
  • Strength, in getting positioning on the opponent