• Shooting is how points are scored in the game of basketball. The player must shoot the ball up and through the rim of the basket.
  • Inside the three point arc, all made shots are awarded two points.
  • Outside the three point arc, made shots are awarded three points.
  • Free-throws are worth one point each.


Ball Handling

  • Ball handling is a very important aspect of the game because it is how players keep possession of the ball on offense.
  • Players with the ball must dribble at all times while running or walking.
  • Once the ball is picked up, it cannot be dribbled again by that same player. It must be passed or shot.



  • Passing is very important to the game of basketball because it is how the ball is transported from one player to another.
  • Passing is a great way to move the ball down the court because the ball travels faster in the air than when a player is dribbling it.
  • When a player makes a pass that leads to a teammate scoring, the passer earns a stat called an assist.



  • Slashing is when a player with the ball makes an effort to get to the basket by driving and maneuvering past defenders.
  • When this happens, the defense is forced to collapse and suck into the middle which opens up shooters in the corners.
  • An individual player's shot gets opened up when he slashes because the defender needs to give space to respect the possible drive.


Pick & Roll

  • The pick and roll is one of the oldest techniques in the game of basketball.
  • While a guard has the ball, a post player will come and stand still next to the guard's defender.
  • This causes the defender to run into the post player which gives the guard an open hole to the basket.
  • After setting the pic, the post player can turn and roll back to the basket or pop out for a shot.



  • When on defense, the player's goal is to keep the opponent from scoring a basket.
  • The defender must stay in front of the opponent without committing a foul.
  • When the opponent shoots, the defender can attempt to block their shot and hit it out of the air.
  • When the opponent makes a pass or is dribbling, the defender can attempt to take the ball and go score.