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Book Three begins with Pippin and Gandalf arriving at Minas Tirith to warn Denethor of the coming threat from Mordor. Pippin enters service to the Steward as a repayment of the debt of Boromir saving his life. Faramir comes back with the remnants of his army for they were forced to evacuate Osgiliath because it was being overrun by orcs. Denethor then commands Faramir to go back and retake Osgiliath. Faramir tries to, but is brought back the only survivor and is close to death. Denethor builds a funeral pyre for himself and Faramir while Minas tirith gets surrounded by legions of orcs. Meanwhile Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas set out to find the Oathbreakers in the Paths of the Dead and are accompanied by Rangers from the North. While they are getting help Theoden gathers an army from across Rohan to come to Gondor’s aid. The Witch King leads the attack on Minas Tirith and breaks open the gates, letting the Orcs rush in to take the city. The corsair’s ships arrive giving the hordes of Mordor brief happiness but it then turns to fear when they realize that it is Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas among the Armies of the Dead. At the same time Theoden arrives with his army and pushes back the orcs with the help of Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas and the remaining Gondorian troops. Theoden confronts the Witch king but is mortally wounded. His daughter Éowyn then comes and kills the Witch King with the help of Merry. After Sauron’s forces are routed Aragorn heals Éowyn and Merry, who were wounded in the fight with the Witch King, as well as bringing Faramir back to health. Aragorn and Gandalf decide to rally the remaining troops to make an assault on Mordor through the Black Gates giving Frodo and Sam a chance to get across to Mount Doom. Meanwhile Sam rescues Frodo and they make their way slowly across the Plains of Gorgoroth to get to Mount Doom. When they reach the Crack of Doom Frodo succumbs to the Rings power taking it as his own. Gollum then shows up and bites the Ring off of Frodo’s hand and promptly falls into the molten Rock below destroying the Ring. Frodo and Sam flee the Crack of Doom and get stranded by lava that is now flowing out of Mount Doom. The eagles come and save them and take them to Minas Tirith where they are healed. The Hobbits witness the Coronation and Marriage of Aragorn. They then travel back to the Shire and rouse up an uprising against Saruman who has destroyed the Shire. The Hobbits succeed in freeing the Shire and begin to grow things back with the help of one of Galadriel’s gifts. Frodo eventually leaves to go to the Undying Lands with Gandalf, Bilbo, Galadriel, and Elrond. That event ends The Lord of the Rings. Click HERE to see the exact place I got the Nazgul pictue, click HERE to see were I got the Oliphant pictue, click HERE to see were I got the Opening Title Picture, and click HERE to see were I got The Grey Havens Picture.

Fell beast perched on a building in Osgiliath Mumakil Opening tilte The end of the 3rd age