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The Hobbit begins with a company of 13 dwarves visiting Bilbo’s house and convincing him to go on an adventure with them to take back their home, a mountain called Erebor that was taken from the dwarves by a dragon named Smaug. Bilbo sets out with them and soon the company is captured by three trolls who are turned to stone with the help of Gandalf. Soon they journey to Rivendell to seek the aid of Elrond. After they leave Rivendell they journey into the Misty Mountains and are taken captive by Goblins. Gandalf saves them once again but in the confusion Bilbo gets left in a tunnel, where he finds a Ring, and comes upon the creature Gollum. They then play a game of Riddles and Bilbo wins but Gollum tries to kill Bilbo. Bilbo runs away and accidentally puts the ring on making him invisible. Bilbo escapes the mountain and reunites with the Company. They are then chased by Wargs and Goblins. When the company climbs the trees to escape the Goblins start to burn them down. They are then rescued by the Eagles and taken to the Eagle's eyrie to spend the night. After they leave the eyrie they travel to Beorn’s house and spend the night there. The next morning Beorn lends them some of his ponies to get them to Mirkwood. When they get to Mirkwood Gandalf and the ponies leave the Company. After they get into Mirkwood they lose their way and are captured by Spiders and Thorin in taken captive by Elves. Bilbo then uses the Ring and the invisibility that comes with it to set them free. The rest of the Company stumbles onto Thranduil’s realm and are taken captive. Bilbo uses his invisibility to set all the dwarves free and they escape to Lake Town. They are given a warm welcome there and prepare for the last stage of the journey: taking back Erebor. When they get up to Erebor, the Dwarves send Bilbo into the Mountain to see if Smaug is still alive. Bilbo then steals a cup and talks to Smaug. The Company is then forced to run into the mountain to escape Smaug’s wrath. Smaug believing that Lake Town is responsible, flies there and is killed by Bard after learning of the dragon’s weakness. Men and Elves march to the Mountain to take the treasure, while Thorin calls for reinforcements from the Iron Hills. After the Elves, Men, and Dwarves come to the mountain they prepare to fight each other when they are interrupted by Gandalf who warns them of the coming Wargs and Goblins. When the Goblins and Wargs start to win the Eagles and Beorn arrive and successfully rout the Goblins and Wargs of the Mountain. During the Battle Fili and Kili were slain and Thorin was mortally wounded. Bilbo goes to see Thorin and Thorin shows his regret over his love of gold. Bilbo then leaves Erebor with Gandalf and travels back to the Shire. Once Bilbo arrives at his home he interrupts his estate sale (the entire Shire thought he was dead) and settles back into a normal life. The book ends with Dwalin coming to visit Bilbo. Click HERE to see the exact place I got Smaug's Eye GIF and click HERE to see were I got the "I'm going on an Adventure!" picture.

Smaug's eye opening I'm going on ans Adventure!