Clay Matthews
Clay Matthews III was born
on May 14, 1986. He is a
third generation football
player from the Matthews
family. Clay attended The
University of Southern
California and then was
drafted by the Green Bay
Packers in 2009. Clay was
a late bloomer during
high school. Clay did not
begin developing physically
until his senior season.
Clay Matthews III was
drafted on April 25, 2009.
Clay was drafted 26th overall
in the first round. Ever since
Clay has been
drafted to the Packers, he has
been an outstanding player. He
is easily one the best defensive
players on the team. He is the
hardest hitter on the Packers.
He is also one hardest hitters
in the entire league
Matthews is not afraid to hit people and is definitely not afraid to get hurt. He has broken his
hand a few times. But a broken hand doesn't stop him. He might sight out a week or two but as
soon as he can get back in the game he will. He had even played with a club on his hand. It
limited his ability on the field but he still played through with it. With or without the club on
his hand he is a monster on the field stopping everyone in his path. He also is a very funny guy
outside of football. He was on the recently released Pitch Perfect 2 along with a few other
Packer players. Just an FYI, he crushed the role in the movie.
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