This adventure takes place in a land named Alagasia. Far into the mountains lies a small, out of sight village in which lives a young boy named Eragon. Young and still naive, Eragon as a hunter ventures into forbidden woods and discovers a large stone. Eragon tries trading it for food, but eventually discovers that is an egg, a dragon egg, which have not been seen in the land for over 100 years. The egg hatches and a fledgling dragon emerges forth. Eragon raises the dragon in secret but is eventually discovered by an old storyteller named Brom. Soon after this, evil creatures named the “Ra’zac” storm into the village seeking Eragon’s dragon, who he’s now named Saphira. After a series of events, Eragons uncle Garrow is killed by the Ra’zac. Eragon, now miles away from the village, pledges to avenge his uncles death. Followed by Brom and his dragon Saphira, Eragon’s epic journey into an adventurous world begins…


The main protagonist of the story. Eragon is young and sometimes stubborn, rushing into things not quite thought through. But he has a good heart and a right mind, strong in spirit and courage.

Protagonist of the story. Saphira is Eragon’s dragon. She is very patient in thinking and very impatient with Eragon at points. But she is wise. Enormous strength and in size, she is yet calm and gentle. As dragon and dragon rider, Saphira and Eragon’s minds are one. Throughout the story, their personalities clash and mend, producing a strong connection that ties them together.

Protagonist of the story. Brom is an old man, a town story teller. A man of few words and yet a large past. Brom is rough and hardened, and often conveys his immense wisdom harshly and bluntly, especially to Eragon. But his experience and good heart and mind show through his dedication to teaching Eragon what it takes to be a dragon rider.

Protagonist of the story. Arya is an elf, who are wondrous and mysterious. Incredibly wise and old, living over hundreds of years. Arya is a strong woman both in mind and in body, yet she is very hardened. Never letting her personal feelings interfere, she appears very blunt and rude at points.

A visual portrayal by Matt Gaser of Eragon in the Spine, the forbidden forest where he discovered Saphira.