The follow up to Eragon takes place after an enormous bout between the Varden, an alliance between humans, elves, and dwarves aimed to bring down the Empire, the iron fist over alagiasia led by Galbatorix whose unlimited power runs malevolent throughout the land. Eragon, who suffered a major unjury from the battle, and Saphira are now sent to the elves to train under Oromis and Glaedr, an ancient Rider and Dragon. Meanwhile Roran, Eragon’s cousin, has to unite the village of Carvahall to defend against the Ra’zac, who have returned to Eragon’s home to destroy and plunder his village for hints of him and his dragon. When Eragon and Saphira, accompanied by Orik, the dwarf prince of “Farthen Dur,” and Arya. But, when Eragon arrives in Ellesmera and begins to train under Oromis, he discovers that his major injury greatly hinders his progress. With the Empire now threatened by the Varden, a serious war will ensue. Now Eragon must deal with his injury as well as prepare for a soon incoming all-out-war with the Empire…


As a dwarf, Orik naturally contains a stubborn and rock hard personality. Under the pressure of his father, King of the dwarf relm, Orik is constantly being told how to command and lead, often leaving him frustrated and confused. But his great attitude and good will show through his relationship with Eragon, as well as his iron wit.

Daughter of Ajihad, a great king among men, Nasuada lives a pristine, aristrocratic life. But, she’s not amused with flowery dresses and jewels. Nausada is a warrior at heart. Like her father, her perceptive wisdom and knowledge show through in her leadership of the Varden.

Cousin to Eragon, yet brother by heart. Roran, a strong, well built and hard-working man’s dream is to have a family and run a farm. But when the Ra’zac return to and destroy his village, Roran takes upon himself the task to rescue his people and protect his beloved Katrina.

An ancient dragon rider tasked with training the Varden’s one hope, Eragon. Oromis is and elf, an incredibly wise and experienced dragon rider who must overcome his pride and persevere to train Eragon to become the legend that he’s destined to be. Oromis is quiet, yet his silence will speak more than words at points. His stern and stubborn personality collides with his apprentices but, in the end they form a strong inseparable relationship.

Concept art by Matt Gaser of the Burning Plains, the location of a huge bout between the Varden and the Empire.