After a huge battle between the Varden and the Empire, Eragon and Saphira barely escape with their lives on a mission to rescue Roran’s beloved Katrina from the hands of the Ra’zac. Eragon, Saphira, and Roran stumble upon an ancient monetary in which deformed followers make sacrifices in worship to the grotesque race the Ra’zac. After a horrifying storm into the monestary named Helgrind, the three find Katrina and rescue her. After destroying the last of the ra’zac. The four then split up and Eragon returns to Ellesmera, home of the Elves while Roran, Saphira, and Katrina return to the Varden. Meanwhile, Nasuada, leader of the Varden, must now prove herself to her people while Eragon must make his way back to the Varden…

Once a friend, now a foe. Murtagh had once been a close friend of Eragon’s, but after he was captured and had his mind mutilated, Galbatorix’s will is his command. Murtagh is a strong independent man. Reserved and quiet, one of his greatest strengths is his ability to listen.

Dragon of Murtagh. Thorn shares much in common with Murtagh, he too was changed and molded according to the dark leader’s ill will. Thorn is a young dragon but is quick and fierce. His youth and lack of experience will at times misguide him. But, his mind mended with Murtaghs produces a strong and dangerous foe to the Varden.

An old friend of Brom’s. Jeod is an old man with few talents for physical strength and fighting, but he makes up for it in his sharp mind and wit. Strategic and logical, Jeod is shrewd enough to determine the outcome of battles and come up with plans to avoid an enemy entirely.

Surrounded by mystery. Angela’s past is broad and dense, but never discussed. Her talents and abilities never cease to surprise anyone, with the exception of her Werecat, Solembum. Angela is quick-witted and has a knack for showing up to crucial events during the conflict between the Empire and the Varden.

This is a sketch by Matt Gaser who put into an image what the dense forests and swamps looked like in Brisinger.