The final battle between the Varden and The Empire is about to ensue. The fate of humanity rests in the hands of Eragon and Saphira who are incredibly outmatched by Galbatorix and his dragon, Shruikan. Eragon and Saphira travel to a far unknown land, looking for a secret that could potentially turn the tide of the war. When they return from their quest, a siege ensues and the Varden’s leader, Nasuada, is captured by The Empire, leaving command of the rebellion in Eragon’s hands. Now Eragon is tasked with leading the charge into the deathtrap of Uru’baen, Galbatorix’s fortress, and commanding the final battle between good and evil…

A young, somewhat inexperienced magician. Carn is a fighter for the Varden and a close friend of Roran’s. Carn is an unspoken and courageous young man. Though he is by far not the strongest magician, he can complete the impossible using his perceptive mind.

A Werecat, and companion of Angela. Like Angela, Solembum is surrounded in mystery and suspicion. With the ability to change his appearance into a young boy, he can decisively navigate almost anywhere he chooses. Solembum is very passive however, and lets others do most of the work while he keenly uses his greatest strength, observation.

More of an animal than an elf, Blodhgarm is an extremely skilled spellcaster with the eyes of a hawk and the pelt of a cat. With a blurred past and a reserved attitude, he has little to say and much to do. Being one of the quickest elves in existence, Blodhgarm is an extremely valuable asset to the Varden.

The malevolent dark leader of the Empire. Galbatorix is ruthless, he and his dragon Shruikan rule over Alagaesia without mercy or justice. Galbatorix, though he is near all-powerful, is paranoid. His greatest fear is losing his power and he takes every precaution possible to avoid such a chance.

A viusal representation by Matt Gaser of what the Empire's fortresses looked like.