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The Apostle Luke, who was born in the first century, was the author of the Gospel of Luke, a companion of the Apostle Paul, and the most literary of the New Testament writers ( “Luke is first mentioned in the letters of the Apostle Paul as the latter’s “coworker” and as the “beloved physician.” The former designation is the more significant one, for it identifies him as one of a professional cadre of itinerant Christian “workers,” many of whom were teachers and preachers.” The writing style of Luke and his range of vocabulary makes him a well educated man.
A letter from the second century identifies Luke as the Author of the third Gospel, “Luke is a man from Antioch, Syria, a physician by profession..., and later he accompanied Paul until his martyrdom. Having neither wife nor child, he served the Lord without distraction. He fell asleep in Boeotia at the age of 84, full of the Holy Spirit. Moved by the Holy Spirit, Luke composed all of this Gospel in the districts around Achaia . . .” This document states that Luke was a man from Antioch, Syria, who wrote the “moved by the Holy Spirit (Acts)”.

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