Paul Walker (Brian) works as an FBI agent to try to find the bad guy. He and Roman Pearce work together undercover to get him. Eventually they find him and put him in jail. Paul Drives a Nissan Skyline in this movie. Eventually he wrecks it and works up to better faster muscle cars. Still the Skyline was a very powerful and fast car. It later went on sale in real life and was sold in the millions price range.
Roman Pearce was earlier before the movie started put in jail because he was caught stealing. He blames this on Brian. Later to repay Pearce back Brian asks him to be his partner promising him he will be pardoned and cleared of his record. After a fight Roman finally accepts the offer and goes undercover with Brian. Roman Pearce’s car is a heavily modded Mitsubishi Eclipse. It greatly shows Roman’s character with all the shiny blings on it. It was brought out from a police impound lot. Roman also really loves the vehicle and does a lot of crazy stunts in it. Eventually he also gets rid of it for a faster stronger muscle car he needs to finish the mission.