Lucas Black or Sean Boswell is the main character in Tokyo Drift. He is a college kid who loves cars especially muscle and loves getting in trouble. He gets in trouble in college and is forced to go visit and stay with his father who works for the military in Tokyo. In Tokyo he is forced to fit in with the weird Japanese college and runs into trouble because of a girl. He eventually becomes a very good friend of Han. Lucas practice car a Mitsubishi evo which is a heavily modded car is what Lucas uses for learning how to drift. He eventually gets the art of drifting down and switches to a car he prefers which is made of pure American muscle.
Han is also one of the main characters in Tokyo Drift. He helps out Lucas and teaches him to drift. Although he also ends up banging heads with Lucas rival enemy who is DK. DK accuses Han of stealing from him and Han ends up dying in a high speed chase. Han’s car a heavily modified lotus body is a work of art. It is very fast beautiful and elegant. It also ends up being Han’s Coffin because he dies in it.