Here at C.A.'s Corgis
C.A's Corgis is a quality family owned and operated provider of trainable, show quality working ranch dogs, companion and assistance dogs. Our corgi puppies have amazing personalities. Our corgis are great with kids and other animals.Some people buy our puppies as pets or work dogs to herd sheep. We raise American Kennel Club registered corgi puppies. We raise tri colored, black and tan, fawn,and sable colored. We are located in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

The photos above are photos of some of past puppies as well as the adults we have. Our corgis have beautifully colored puppies, as you can see on the past puppies page. Corgis may be small but they have a huge personality. We can meet you half way if you choose to purchase a puppy, or if you are far from New Mexico I can ship the puppy through an airline, the expenses will have to be paid by you. We sell our puppies for $500 for a male and $600 for a female puppy. I can work on the price, we also accept payments. Call now to reserve your puppy today. My phone number is (575)520-3206. Thank You!!! Have an amazing day! God Bless!

Cody Ashcroft
Las Cruces, NM