Eddie Lacy
Eddie Lacy was born on June
2, 1990, in Gretna, Louisiana.
Eddie Lacy attended the
University of Alabama just
like Ha Ha Clinton-Dix. Eddie
was drafted by the Green Bay
Packers in 2013. Eddie Lacy
has been in the NFL for two
years and with those two
years he has changed the
whole tempo of the Packers
Before the Packers drafted
Lacy, they did not really have
a very good running back. So
because of not having a very
good running back, Aaron
Rodgers was forced to throw
the ball a lot. Now, there is
nothing wrong with that
because Rodgers is a very
talented quarterback, but the
coaches did not want him
throwing the ball every
single play.
So, they drafted Eddie Lacy, a powerhouse who does not get tackled very easily. Eddie is a very
stocky man, being about 5 foot 11 inches and 230 pounds. He may weigh a lot but I guarantee
that 90% of that weight is pure muscle. Eddie is also a very good receiver as his nickname is
moss. He is nicknames this because he has hands like Randy Moss. Randy Moss was a very
good receiver, as is Eddie Lacy. If Eddie was not a running back he could probably be a wide
receiver because of his catching ability. Eddie Lacy will become one of the best running backs in
the league because of his will to be the best there is.
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