Diet is just as important as exercising.

If you continue to eat poorly and exercise hard

your body cannot work off the extra fat.

Your body needs a balance of veggies, dairy, fruit,

and protein. It is recommended that you consume

between 1200-3000 calories a day. The recommended

number of vegetables a day is 2 1/ cups a day.

The recommended amount of fruits a day is between

2 1/2 and 6 1/2. You should eat around 6 ounces of grains

per day in order to maintain a healthy diet.

If you do not fuel your body with the needed nutrients your body will start shutting

down and will cause your immune system to suffer. Many body builders live on a diet

of protein and vegetables. This diet is fine but it is hard for your body to adjust.

Your body wants fats and sugars. Your body needs those nutrients to keep your metabolism

going. Drinking calcium is important to have strong bones. Calcium is found in milk,

cheese, and other dairy products. When your body is sick it is working overtime trying

to kill the bacteria. If you keep a healthy diet your body is strong and has what it

needs to protect itself.