Without sleep our bodies could not function.

It is suggested for kids to sleep between eight

to ten hours a night. For teenagers the recommendation

is eight to nine hours a day. For adults a steady eight

hours a nights at least is best for the body.

Sleep keeps the whole body running from the brain

to the lungs. It is important to have a good bed

and a good pillow. If your body is not supported

in the right way, it may cause your joints to hurt.

It is also bad for your body if you sleep with electronics on. This keeps your mind awake and you may not

be able to enter REM sleep. REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement. This is when your body is most at rest.

It is important to get into REM sleep because that is when your body actually rests. If you go many nights

without REM sleep you will feel extremely tired and unrested. It is important to sleep in a dark room.

If you leave the lights on your body is also in danger of not entering REM sleep. If you get great sleep

most nights your body will have the fuel it needs to run.