Vin Diesel who plays as Dom in the movie is a tough rule-breaking guy who loves cars especially muscle. He is the one who is the leader of the gang who robbed the semi truck. He also grows close with Brian because he saved him from the local police. Dom’s very special car who he hardly ever rides ends up crashed. It is a dodge charger with a very beefed up engine. He has childhood memories building it with his father who died racing cars.
Paul Walker is one of the main characters in The Fast and the Furious. He is an undercover cop who is trying to find a gang that robs semis on the road. He eventually falls in love with Dom’s sister and lets Dom get away with robbing the semis who he later finds out is the culprit. Paul Walker’s or Brian O’Connor’s car in The Fast and the Furious is a heavily modded Toyota Supra. In the beginning of the movie Brian wrecks his car so he looks for a new one. Eventually he finds the Supra. Over the course of the movie he fixes it up. At the end of the movie he gives it to dom.