Musicians in the 80's were quite different than the musicians one might see today. These musicians didn't have the same autotune we have today. Music was more based on real music than fake vocals. The musicians had great jams that teens of that time jammed to and loved listening to. Ask any adult who grew up in that time! The musicians in the 80's and especially the musicians on this page made a big influence and will be remembered for a long time to come.

Michael Jackson was an iconic musician from the 80's. Michael started his career in the 70's when he was a child. He was in a band called, "The Jackson Five" with his siblings. Unfortunately Michael passed away in 2009 from a drug overdose which was the fault of his doctor of that time. He prescribed to him too many pills that did not mesh well together.

Whitney Houston was a female icon in the 80's and is most famous for her song "I Will Always Love You." Whitney passed away in 2012 from a drug overdose. The nation was shaken when this news broke.

Journey is an 80's band who's music has influenced many people. Especially from their song, "Don't Stop Believing."

Prince was an 80's musician/actor. He was mostly known for his music, and especially his song "Kiss." Prince passed away recentely by causes that are still unknown. His death shocked many and was not expected. He will be missed greatly.

Queen is an 80's band who had many popular songs. One of their most popular songs is "We Will Rock You."

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