The rules of volleyball have changed tremendously from when it was first invented. When it was first invented the dimensions of the court were a lot smaller they were 25 feet by 50 feet also you could have an unlimited number of players as well as unlimited numbers of times you could touch the ball before it went over. Also the net was 6 feet and 6 inches tall.However now you can only touch the ball three times every time it goes over the net. The nets dimensions now are 7 feet 4 inches tall which is almost a foot taller than they were when the game was first invented.
Also if you touch the net the other team gets a point and unlike basketball, and football you are allowed to keep the ball in play out of bounds a long as the ball has not hit the ground or touches the ceiling of the building.
It is preferred that a person playing passes the ball with their arms of hand but you can pass a volleyball with your foot your head any part of your body actually. The game of volleyball is quite simple if our reflexes are good and once you learn the form in which to pass,set,and hit.