When hitting the most important thing is timing and footwork. You have probably heard “left, right, left” well that is literally the footwork of a hit. Alt the first step you take with your left foot is a less natural step, the step is bigger than an average step. Then the right is a normal step with your right foot and the last left is really small. After you plant the last left step you jump and make contact with the ball. Once you make contact with the ball you have to snap your wrist downward or else the ball will go out of bounds. Those three different steps can work for all three hitting positions. The different hitting positions are Right hitter, Middle hitter and outside hitter. Rules for hitting are you can’t touch the net or else the point goes to the other team another rule is when your hitting from back row you are allowed to jump however you are not allowed to jump over the ten foot line. While playing hitter position one should always be on their toes if you are playing middle and outside is hitting you have to cover their hit because the blockers on the other side might touch the ball and you have to be ready for the ball to come to you.