Digging or passing as most people call it is one of the most important parts of volleyball. The reason why is that without a good pass you can’t get a good set or hit in order to get a point. The basic form for passing is you have to get really low, pretty much like a squat. Then your hands have to be together so in order for your hands to be together you make a fist with the hand you don’t write with then you cover your fist hand with your other hand. One of the most important parts about passing that you must not forget is dont't swing your arms because when you do the ball goes really high. There are not a lot of rules for passing so here are some tips. The first tip is when you pass you must know where you are on the court in order for you to be sure whether or not it goes out of bounds. Another tip is if the ball is over your head when you’re playing back row it is probably out so don’t touch it. These are some tips and basic forms for passing.hough it’s just left right left there is something else