The game of volleyball was invented by an activities director at the YMCA in Holyoke,Massachusetts, the name of the instructor that invented the competitave game of vollleyball was William G. Morgan. Volleyball was invented in 1895 and the first competitave game was played on July 7,1896 at spring feild college. Women didn't have an official volleyball assosiation until 1986. One of the reasons was that it was supposed to be a less agressive and contact sports for men so they wouldn't get into so many fights.Volleyballs original name was mintonett and took most of the ideas for tennis and handball and through the years has been refined. The inventor of the sport was friends with who was said to be the inventor of basketball, James A. Naismith. Another inspiration of the game was from basketball he used the ball from that game and used it for volleyball. Also another interesting concept he took from baseball which was the innings. The name mintonett got changed rather quickly at the YMCA conference in Springfield, Massachusetts.