*File names of pictures can be found in the source code.

n.p.. ou3vNDr.png. 2016. png file.

n.p.. eragon_novel.jpg. 2016. jpg file.

n.p.. Eldest.jpg. 2015.jpg file.

n.p.. BRISINGR.jpg. 2015.jpg file.

n.p.. Inheritancecover.jpg. 2015.jpg file.

n.p.. inheritance_wallpaper_widescreen_v1c.jpg. 2011. jpg file.

n.p.. Inheritance-Cycle-inheritance-cycle-5093476-1024-768.jpg. 2016. Jpg file.

Howard, Chris. 6a00d8341c7bd653ef0128762eb3e0970c-800wi. 2009. wi file

Gaser, Matt. 134.jpg. 2016. Jpg file.

Gaser, Matt. 153.jpg. 2016. Jpg file.

Gaser, Matt. 333.jpg. 2016. Jpg file.

Gaser, Matt. 323.jpg. 2016. Jpg file.